Animal Nail Care in Mansfield

Much like humans, it is very important that your pet’s nails are trimmed and maintained on a regular basis. Not only is this important for esthetic reasons, but it’s also a perfect way of ensuring more serious illnesses and ailments are avoided. So, whether you have a pet dog, cat or rabbit, it is important to ensure that their nails are strong and well-shaped. The problem with trimming your pet’s nail is that your pet generally doesn’t like it very much. This means that they can make it very difficult for you to carry out this task effectively. On top of that, much like humans, animals’ nails are very sensitive so if you cut them too short then you risk causing irritation and pain.

With all this to consider, most responsible pet owners in Mansfield do the mature thing and leave this treatment to the professionals. With the most experience and an unrivalled attention to detail, It's A Dog's Life should be the first number you call when seeking premium nail care treatment for your pet.

Stress-Free Nail Care

In general, a dog will need their nails trimmed once every month. For cats and rabbits, it will be slightly longer. To avoid confrontation with your pet and stress for you, why not bring him or her to us and allow our team of expert groomers to take care of everything. Our groomers know exactly how to make your pet cooperate with this tricky task and, believe it or not, after a few visits your furry friend will start to look forward to this treatment. Every cat, dog or rabbit is different, and different breeds require their nails to be of differing length. We will ensure that this perfect balance is reached without causing any undue stress to your pet.

Rewarding Their Resilience

The secret to our successful nail treatment service is to ensure that it is as tailored as possible. By offering snacks and treats to your pet when a nail is successfully completed, it reinforces their good behavior and cooperation. We always strive hard to ensure that their hard work and resilience is rewarded.

Don’t Delay, Call Today

Animal nail care is an integral part of any pet’s regular maintenance. Ensuring that your cat or dog’s nails are as strong, healthy and durable as possible is necessary to allow them to carry out many of the daily tasks that come with exploring in a park or a backyard. If you want to ensure that your pet’s nails are in the best condition possible, then call the number one team in Mansfield today. Our team of professionally certified pet professionals have the skill, tools and golden touch required to carry out this task in a quick and effective manner. Don’t take chances with inferior services. Instead, choose the team you can rely on and allow us to take care of everything.